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EarGizmo MIC

EarGizmo the APP


Anywhere Jukebox & Recorder


EarGizmo the APP   records, plays, sorts, and organizes your music files easily on your iPhone & iPad. With enhanced microphone control the recording quality is outstanding. Recordings are created instantly with a single tap of a button.  The record file names are automatically generated with date and time stamp.


  Create custom music Playlists.


  Listen to your music anywhere - offline and w/o data streaming.


  Make crystal clear recordings.


  EarGizmo is iTunes compatible.



Download the

EarGizmo User Manual

Rev 1.11


Tiny, yet Powerful Microphone.
Now you can make high quality recordings on your iPhone & iPad.

EarGizmo the EXTERNAL MIC is an external microphone that optimizes audio recordings on your iPhone & iPad.  It is plug & play and it's compatible with any application that uses an external microphone.  When used together with the EarGizmo App, it further optimizes audio recordings on your iPhone & iPad.


EarGizmo is much better than other mics because:

  It has equal or better quality but doesn't cost $250 like some other comparable external mics -  only $59.

  It's omnidirectional - no pointing required.

  It filters out background noise - below 100Hz and above 19KHz.

  It sounds great - it has a minimum higher gain of 28dB @ 5KHz than the iPhone/iPad internal microphone.

  It's tiny in size - about the size of a US dime.

  It's lightweight.

  It's low power - no battery required - powered totally by the audio jack.

  It's rugged.

  It looks cool.

  It's Made in America!



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